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We appreciate your interest in DC Medical Equipment, a Chicago based company specializing in TENS units and lumbar braces. We supply physicians with top of the line equipment for them to prescribe patients for use at home to aid in their treatment. Our equipment will help decrease pain, re-educate muscles and improve patient’s overall health while allowing physicians to maintain their focus on patient care. Our equipment is of the highest quality, research based, non-invasive and easy to use.

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“The rationale for using a TENS unit for pain control is based on the inability of the spinal cord and peripheral nerves to multi-task – that is, impulses that are being carried along a pathway within the nervous system effectively block that pathway from transmitting other signals. In essence, flooding a pathway with low-level stimulation keeps pain signals from reaching the brain.”  www.medicine.net

In turn, this will also help to relax current muscle spasms, hypertonicity and increase range of motion, ultimately helping to control the patient’s intractable and chronic pain.

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